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Our Mission

Becoming a member at Spark means you will have access to all of our connections and resources that will help your company grow to that next level.

Spark is part of a growing network of industry-specific incubators and accelerators and we will always have a place for you to go once you reach that next level.

dino miele, co-founder
“Incubators are to create sustainable and strong entrepreneurial support infrastructure.”

Our Foundations

Innovation is more than a spark; it is a process, one that requires a roadmap, resources and the right people at your side.

Spark was founded in 2016 as a community initiative to help provide a space for all types of entrepreneurs to learn, build and scale their businesses. In our aging Niagara Region keeping a strong economy is essential for future generations, this is why we believe having innovation be at the forefront will result in a prosperous future. Our goal is to be a catalyst for new and established companies/businesses so that they can thrive in Niagara and create new jobs and opportunities for future generations.

Building our future with collective impact
The Collective Impact project is a four-year strategy to work with the City of Niagara Falls and our 12 communities across Niagara to develop system-wide solutions for youth as they build and act upon plans for their future and the jobs of tomorrow. Since 2016, Spark Niagara has collaborated with colleagues in Canada, the United States and internationally as a co-catalyst in advancing Collective Impact idea as a framework for community innovation and change.

Our History

Spark Niagara was established


Opened doors to new startups after partnership with City of Niagara Falls

Frequently asked questions
What does my membership get me?

Our memberships are all-inclusive pricing which means W.I.F.I, Utilities, Janitorial service, coffee and many other amenities are included. They start at 3 months! Memberships also offer business services including business coaching, perks and discounts, access to Spark’s Member Portal, events and workshops, and much more!

How long can I have a membership for?

Unlike many other incubators, Spark is here for you in the long run. You're welcome to participate in our entrepreneurial community as long as you'd like.

How is Spark connected to Ryerson University?

We work with Ryerson University and the City of Niagara Falls on the Niagara Falls Ryerson Innovation Hub. This initiative is for tech-based startups in or looking to move to Niagara Falls, Canada to grow and scale their business.

Will Spark invest in my company?

We are happy to help provide guidance on the necessary steps towards receiving external investments. That being said, we will not invest in your business nor are we affiliated as partners in your business.

I am a part of another incubator, can I still join Spark?

Spark stands by the mission of building our future with collective impact. We accept entrepreneurs whether they are affiliated with another incubator or not. We aspire to bring together the best talent in Niagara regardless of background.

Do you have a free trial?

We offer a free 7 day trial for serious applicants only.

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