A spacious meeting room equipped for you and your team to conduct presentations, private meetings, or strategic planning. The room comes with smart TVs, whiteboards, as well as plenty of seating and table layout options. The boardroom can also be converted into a classroom for seminars, workshops, or training. Members can reserve this room through our online booking system. Also available for private bookings by emailing

Co-Working Space

Fully furnished, and regularly maintained by our cleaning staff – the Co-working Space is an open environment for founders and their key team members to collaborate.


Coaching is a form of development in which an experienced person, called a coach, supports a learner or client in achieving a specific personal or professional goal by providing training and guidance.

The learner is sometimes called a coachee. Occasionally, coaching may mean an informal relationship between two people, of whom one has more experience and expertise than the other and offers advice and guidance as the latter learns; but coaching differs from mentoring by focusing on specific tasks or objectives, as opposed to more general goals or overall development

Full Service Kitchen

Our full service kitchen is fully equipped with everything that you'll need to prepare meals right on site! Fresh coffee, an espresso machine, and a Keurig coffee maker are also available for those days where you need a quick pick-me-up.

Maker Space

Built for the purpose of education and innovation, this brand new space provides users with access to all that is needed to craft, test and prototype their ideas. This space boasts of 3D Printers, fully equipped workbenches, a VR set-upend a brand new CNC machine.  

Available to members as well as the general public our Technology Coordinator is ready to assist you to craft, test and prototype your ideas.

Content Creation Suite

Market your products and services in this brand new multi-media space. A variety of content creation tools are available for you at Spark! The Content Creation Suite is equipped with a green and white screen, 4K video camera, 5-point modular LED lighting setups, product photo light-box and soundproofing.

Our Technology Coordinator is on-site to assist you to with the photo & video technologies available in the content creation suite.

Podcast Studio

Want to host a podcast? At Spark you can host and record your very own podcast with up to 3 in-person guests in our new podcast room! Brand new to Spark, the Podcast Studio is equipped with quality tech and sound-proof paneling to record, edit, and finetune audio.

Virtual Reality Tour

Want to view the space before you rent?