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April 13, 2021
But I'm NOT a Unicorn!

No...you are so much more!

Unicorns are mythical creatures primarily associated with mythological, mystical or fictional stories. They are generally full of beauty, strength and magic. They are also unforgettable. In the world of entrepreneurship, unicorns are those rare entrepreneurs whose companies hit the big times and change the world! Companies like Uber, Airbnb, SpaceX all have reached unicorn levels and are the envy and inspiration of many. But what about the rest of us?

If you’re not a unicorn, then what are you?

As unforgettable and inspirational as unicorns are, they are also rare. That fact makes you and every other “non-unicorn” entrepreneur important and indispensable in the ecology of entrepreneurship. It also makes you stable and more attractive to many investors.

Truth is most start-up advisors actually say NOT to strive to be a unicorn as it can detract and distract from your business development by causing you to focus almost exclusively on the financial aspect of your business rather than on the products or services you provide. The result in this shift of focus can be disastrous as it creates an environment in which you lessen your attention on the details that have made you successful so far — product or service quality, customer service, investor relations, etc., while negatively impacting your reputation as an individual as well as a business owner.

Striving to be a unicorn can also have a negative impact on future investors as the unicorn valuation is often inflated and doesn’t actually speak of the utility of the product or service your business provides, its scope of impact or even the overall performance of the company since it is only based on a financial metric. Generally, as a rule, investors are interested in the entirety of your business including both your current as well as future vision. Having an end goal of becoming the “next great unicorn” is not one that many are willing to invest their hard-earned money into. And truth be told, the decision to become a unicorn actually doesn’t lie with you — it is incumbent upon the needs or desires of the consumer. So “unicornship” (not a real word but sounds cool!) is not a good, measurable goal.

So where does that leave you?

Right where you are right now, an entrepreneur with a focus to create a great product or service that adds real value to those around you and improves society as a whole — something unicorns tend to not do. The true entrepreneurial journey is one that is long, arduous, risky and filled with peaks and valleys. But it is also one that is passion driven, exhilarating and full of reward.

So keep on trekking Entrepreneur….and if you find yourself needing support, we at Spark are happy to journey with you into the sunset.

Frequently asked questions
What does my membership get me?

Our memberships are all-inclusive pricing which means W.I.F.I, Utilities, Janitorial service, coffee and many other amenities are included. They start at 3 months! Memberships also offer business services including business coaching, perks and discounts, access to Spark’s Member Portal, events and workshops, and much more!

How long can I have a membership for?

Unlike many other incubators, Spark is here for you in the long run. You're welcome to participate in our entrepreneurial community as long as you'd like.

How is Spark connected to Ryerson University?

We work with Ryerson University and the City of Niagara Falls on the Niagara Falls Ryerson Innovation Hub. This initiative is for tech-based startups in or looking to move to Niagara Falls, Canada to grow and scale their business.

Will Spark invest in my company?

We are happy to help provide guidance on the necessary steps towards receiving external investments. That being said, we will not invest in your business nor are we affiliated as partners in your business.

I am a part of another incubator, can I still join Spark?

Spark stands by the mission of building our future with collective impact. We accept entrepreneurs whether they are affiliated with another incubator or not. We aspire to bring together the best talent in Niagara regardless of background.

Do you have a free trial?

We offer a free 7 day trial for serious applicants only.

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