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February 10, 2021

Have you noticed that your first trip to a location always stands out as the best one?

Have you noticed that your first trip to a location always stands out as the best one?

Seeing Disney World, the Rockies or the Eiffel Tower for the first time leaves a lasting impression that can never be duplicated, creating a hunger to return that may never go away.

The same can be said about entrepreneurship. Creating a business based on a passion you have, stepping into the uncertainties that come with its launch, gaining your first client…all of these firsts create a “rush” that can never be duplicated, a hunger that keeps you forging ahead.

So what do these two have in common?

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In order to experience Disney, the Rockies or the Eiffel Tower for the first time, you need to make the decision to go and then make the move to book the tickets, the car or the plane to get there.

The same is true about being an entrepreneur. In order to experience owning your own business, you first need to make the decision to step out and to begin that journey of entrepreneurship. Once the decision is made, you then need to action it by making the move to register that business, create that business plan and then set it in motion.

Sound scary? Yes…but maybe…also…exhilarating?! YES!!

So how do you get started?

Well, there are many thoughts on this but as fellow entrepreneur Evan Sitler of XpertVR recently stated on a Linkedin post — “you can start almost any business with a computer and a wifi connection.” So if you’ve got an idea, a computer and wifi, you’re already on your way!

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Another great resource is to get connected with an incubator hub like Spark Niagara or a local small business enterprise centre. Through these organizations, entrepreneurs are provided with the tools to lay the groundwork as well as the support to launch their business successfully.

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Liken it to renting a car and following a road map. In order to reach your destination, many times you need to rent a car, cause a plane can only get you so far, and use a map. You still need to drive it, but the car and the map are tools that help you get where you want to go. That is what Spark Niagara or any incubator hub or small business enterprise centre can do for you. Although not mandatory, we do believe this could be key to your initial success, especially when it’s your first!

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So what’s stopping you?

Fear is usually the biggest hurdle budding entrepreneurs need to overcome — fear of failure, fear of ridicule, fear of being discovered as a phoney better known as “Imposter Syndrome”. So let’s address these very quickly:

· Fear of Failure — understand that you will fail. It’s part of the learning and growing process as long as you take the lessons and apply them. Failure is not limiting as long as you don’t let it be.

· Fear of Ridicule — you will always be surrounded by nay-sayers, but you don’t have to be controlled by them. You can choose how great of a role they play in your life by distancing yourself from them or limiting your exposure to them.

· Imposter Syndrome — you know your stuff so walk in that confidence. And what you don’t know, admit you don’t know it and then get to knowing it. Being an entrepreneur is a constant road towards knowledge and experience.

Now get to it!

Many people dream of entrepreneurship but only those who make the decision to go and follow through make those dreams happen. Why not set those plans in motion and allow us to be a part of that process?

Frequently asked questions
What does my membership get me?

Our memberships are all-inclusive pricing which means W.I.F.I, Utilities, Janitorial service, coffee and many other amenities are included. They start at 3 months! Memberships also offer business services including business coaching, perks and discounts, access to Spark’s Member Portal, events and workshops, and much more!

How long can I have a membership for?

Unlike many other incubators, Spark is here for you in the long run. You're welcome to participate in our entrepreneurial community as long as you'd like.

How is Spark connected to Ryerson University?

We work with Ryerson University and the City of Niagara Falls on the Niagara Falls Ryerson Innovation Hub. This initiative is for tech-based startups in or looking to move to Niagara Falls, Canada to grow and scale their business.

Will Spark invest in my company?

We are happy to help provide guidance on the necessary steps towards receiving external investments. That being said, we will not invest in your business nor are we affiliated as partners in your business.

I am a part of another incubator, can I still join Spark?

Spark stands by the mission of building our future with collective impact. We accept entrepreneurs whether they are affiliated with another incubator or not. We aspire to bring together the best talent in Niagara regardless of background.

Do you have a free trial?

We offer a free 7 day trial for serious applicants only.

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